Making the Move to Los Angeles: Can I Actually Do This?

Hello Readers!

Well, the time is fast approaching.

In less than two months I’ll be walking across the stage, receiving my diploma, and graduating from college. I’m going to be thrown into the real world without any certain idea of where I’ll fit into it, so naturally there is a lot of anxiety there to bring down some of the excitement. All I really know for sure is that I don’t want to be tied down to the sleepy small town by the Canadian border where I grew up, or the windy, cold little city where I currently go to school. I don’t even want to be tied down to the state of New York. The longer I stay here and the more independent I become, the more I realize how badly I want to get out of this area.

Over the past year or so, for whatever reason, Los Angeles has clung to the back of my mind like an itch I just can’t scratch. The warmth. The sun. The energy. Los Angeles alone has the unique ability to maintain its laid back reputation while simultaneously forcing its inhabitants to work tirelessly for what they want, and the more I learn the more I want to be a part of it. It’s a city built on competition, full of people bound and determined to do what it takes to make it there.

All that being said, I’ve gotten very good at second guessing myself over the years. It’s highly characteristic of me to lean back in my chair while I’m reading articles about apartment hunting and cost of living in L.A. and asking myself: Are you sure this is what you want? Are you sure you can handle this? This city is just going to eat you up and swallow you whole, isn’t it? Even reading about what it’s like driving in L.A. is intimidating, considering I come from a town of 6,000 people where the closest freeway is two and a half hours away (the closest interstate is over an hour away, too, by the way).

In spite of that though, I want this. I want to be surrounded by like-minded, driven individuals who are transplants to the city as well and are still learning it, too.

As of right now, I’m planning on taking a week-long trip to L.A. come October to get a feel for the city and see if I can truly envision myself living there. There’s a folder full of research sitting in my backpack, and an email with thirteen more links to articles for me to print off sitting in my inbox. The next chapter of my life is approaching, and I’m determined to make it a good one. Packing up and moving three thousand miles away from everything I’ve ever known definitely won’t be easy, but what better way to test myself and see what I’m capable of? I’m under no illusion that any part of this process will be easy, but isn’t that what makes it so exciting?



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  1. I agree, perhaps not easy, but exciting. And what better time than right after graduation?

    Also remember, if it’s not the right place for you, you don’t have to stay there forever. I think it’s often easier to give yourself permission to do something “dramatic” if you know that you still have other options later on. Good luck!

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